Online Programming Camp 2020

Hello everyone, I am Tanmoy Datta and I have been a member of the competitive programming community of Bangladesh for the past 7 years. I have ended my contest career on ICPC 2019 Dhaka Regional and 2019 ICPC Asia -West Continent Final Contest, and currently, I am an MSc student at KUET and training some university students for competitive programming. I am arranging a free online programming camp during this lock-down situation for helping the currently interested contestants of our country who are deprived of training and proper guidance at free of cost.

Why do I want to arrange this?

Ans: There are two reasons for this decision.

  1. The first one is to contribute to the community.
  2. The second reason is to do some charity work. As this is a free program, you do not have to pay anything. But Due to this current Covid-19 pandemic, some of the current students of KUET are facing a financial crisis. Tuition was their main income source for their study and family support. But due to this long lockdown situation, they are facing a severe financial crisis. So in this situation, if you find this camp useful for you, you can donate them.

What is my benefit from this?

Ans: NOTHING. In the past 7 years of my contest career, many people from this community helped me a lot, So now in this lockdown situation, I want to give back to the community so that the current contestant can be benefited from it and in the future, they could help others.

Who can join the camp?

Ans: Anyone who has an active internet connection. But I have a plan to make this camp useful for the contestants of the intermediate category.

As there are many useful resources available online for beginners, I think only hard work and self-interest is enough to learn basic stuff and no special training is needed for them at the beginning stage.

So if you solved at least 200+ problems on different platforms and know and understand the recursion, basic graph theory(BFS, DFS, Dijkstra), number theory(Sieve, Prime factorization, GCD, LCM), and data structures(STL: stack, queue, priority queue, set, multiset, map) then I think this camp will be useful for you.

Session 1: Number Theory and Inclusion-Exclusion Part 1

Session 2: Number Theory and Inclusion-Exclusion Part 2

Session 3: Graph Theory

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Dhiman Sarker

খুব ভাল হইছে দাদা, আশা করি নেক্সট টাইম আরেকটু ইন্টারমিডিয়েট লেভেলের জিনিশ দেখবো!
আর দাদা একটু লাইভ কোড করলে ইম্পলিমেন্টেশান টা ভালো বুঝা যাবে মনে হয়!

Tanmoy Datta

Thank you so much for your response. I will work on it.


Great Initiative Bro.


এই ক্যাম্প কি শধুমাত্র নম্বর থিওরি পর্যন্তই ? না আরো টপিক এর উপর আমরা সেশন পাবো ?

Mosiur Zzaman

Vaia ami session 3 er class ta live krte chai

Mosiur Zzaman

Ok vaia


Onk notun kichu dekhlm …sessions gula theke…..


Dada link of session-3 here leads to num theory-2
Please fix it


Thank you very much

Wasif Jamil Siddique

Vai Dynamic Programming niye ekta session korle khub valo hoy plz dynamic programming niye ekta session korben!! btw ager session gulo joss chilo!!

Arnab Saha Swachha

Thanks a lot vai for the number theory session. Your session helped my team today to solve an inclusion exclusion problem and we qualified for the icpc dhaka regional 20.

Musfik NABIL

Very Nice